The Beginning (EP)

Title : The Beginning (EP)
Release Date : 8 December, 2016
Format : CD

Alexander Augusti’s debut EP «The Beginning» is out December 8th in both digital and physical format.

The creative process in making this EP has been progressing slowly and meticulously. The structure of the songs have been around for a few years but have evolved into this EP much thanks to a collaboration with producer Rudi Nikolaisen.

Alexander Augusti is a quiet character, someone who doesn’t feel the need to express his feelings and opinions in words, insted he has resorted to music. The songs invite us to explore the world of Augusti, where his philosophies have been fused with rhythm and we get join in on his perspective of things. This EP is calm and aims for the listener to want to make the best of the little time we have on this planet and to find harmony in the small things in life.

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Vocals: Alexander Augusti
Guitars: Kristian S. Olstad
Drums/Percussion: Norvald Nikolaisen
Bass/Banjo: Rudi Nikolaisen
Keyboards: Kim Auster
Steel Guitar: Christoffer Nicolai Mathisen
Double Bass: Theodor Peterson

Produced by Rudi Nikolaisen
Engineered by Jonas Kjølstad
Mixed by Ariel Joshua

Released by

© Alexander Augusti 2016